Expert Flat Screen TV Mounting in Boise

Professional TV Mounting Installation, TV Cord Hiding & Entertainment Center Setup

We do TV mounting in Boise and can mount any size flat-screen TV to any wall surface. We offer free in-home estimates and have extensive experience with installing all types of wall mount systems.

If your TV needs to have cord hiding or cord management, we can help with that, too.  We also do entertainment center setup and will offer to connect your smart TV to wireless internet before we leave. 

Let Us Protect Your New Flatscreen TV By Wall Mounting It

Our labor cost is tiny compared to the cost of a nice, modern flatscreen TV. If you want to protect it from damages that are common for TVs that aren’t wall-mounted, simply mount it out of the way somewhere not subject to the typical impact zones around a home.

Tabletop TVs can be dangerous for small children and pets because they’re not mounted securely and can tip over. So, if you want to secure your television…put it on the wall! 


Boise TV mounting and entertainment center setup company

Let A Pro TV Mounting Handyman Take Care Of Your Project

We mount TVs in all rooms of the house–we’ve mounted TVs in bedrooms, master bathrooms, garages, workshops, waiting rooms, closets, bump out cabinets, home gyms, backyard patios and more.

We have a passion for helping you find just the right place for your new TV. We can help you with selecting a mount, and will offer to remove your old TV when we’re done and properly dispose of the packaging materials after cleaning up.

We also ensure the mount and television are level and clean of fingerprints to prevent you from having to touch it again, which can be trouble when they are mounted higher.

We can install articulating mounts, which is the most popular style, fixed mounts that don’t move, and tilting mounts that only move up and down.

If you’re searching for a good full-motion mount, check out this articulating mount by Mounting Dream on Amazon. It’s affordable, well reviewed and easy to install compared to cheaper options. Here is their tilting mount and fixed mount models.

Hillside Handyman Can Setup Any Portion Of Your Entertainment Center

We mount Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Rear Projection TVs to the wall. We can also do entertainment center setup, install audio systems, home theater systems, stereo systems and can set up a variety of brands of smart flat screen TVs.

We can hook up additional devices like video gaming systems, computer monitors, DVD players, cable boxes, Roku devices, etc. We also assemble furniture items like entertainment centers and TV stands.

boise tv mounting company

We Are Insured For Accidents And Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Sure, hanging a flat screen tv on the wall sounds easy enough. But, it’s not like hanging a picture! It’s very serious business–unless you know you’ve hit studs, there’s some chance the TV and mount could pull out of the wall and come crashing down! 

Consider a hypothetical scenario where your TV is dropped or damaged during a DIY install–your homeowner’s insurance will not cover this. But, damages incurred under an insured handyman installation are covered. Don’t take the risk, let us add your job to our list of successful projects and be done with it!



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We Can Help You Select The Right TV Mount And Location

We can match mounts to almost any TV that you’ve purchased. We’ve installed all types of mounts including swiveling, tilting, articulating, and full motion wall mount kits.

If you’re unsure about which kit to purchase, we can help with your decision making process and can even acquire the mounts for you.

If you’re looking for a new way to watch, we can evaluate the best place(s) for optimum viewing and install your mount exactly where you want it. Many mounts are designed for adjusting the TV throughout the day to better accommodate changing positions. 

boise handyman performs tv mounting services and entertainment center setup

We Work With Licensed Professionals To Complete Your Setup

If you’re looking for that finished, hidden cord look, we can ensure your planned TV location has the necessary electrical outlet and raceway installed to allow cord hiding. We do TV cord hiding if there is not an existing raceway or electrical outlet by using reputable, licensed electrical contractors.

By adding an outlet, the electrical cables will have access to power. By adding a raceway inside the wall’s stud bay, audio and video cables can connect to their respective devices below without cords hanging down from the TV. It really is the ultimate finished form of a wall mounted TV.

tv mounting bosie

Whatever Mount Type You Have, We Can Install It

From wall-mounted to built-in, we do it all. If you have stud walls, we’ll mount it. If you don’t, we’re smart enough to use a track system, or to remove what’s necessary to mount your new TV. We can install your TV where you want it.

We can make the necessary, complicated adjustments needed to mount flatscreen TVs onto masonry like uneven stone walls, tile, brick or cement walls. Whatever your mounting location requires, we will take into consideration and implement into the plan so ensure your TV stays securely mounted forever.

If you ever need to remove the mount, we can repair the drywall and make it look like it was never there.

Let Hillside Handyman Complete Your TV Mounting Project

Since we install wall-mounted TVs regularly, we carry the most common mounting hardware that’s recommended for mounting heavy items to drywall and studs. Typically, this includes lag screws and toggle bolts.

We carry many other tools to get this work done properly, which eliminates the trouble that happens with inexperienced installations. As heavy as they are, this is not recommended as a first time DIY project.

If you’ve got the stud finders, confidence, laser levels and power tools, perhaps you could take a swing at it, but we have to charge extra to fix bad installs!

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Flatscreen TV Mounting FAQs

Does wall mounting a TV leave big holes?

Wall mounting a TV can leave holes in the wall, typically corresponding to the size of the mounting screws or bolts used. Some mounting brackets include covers to conceal the holes, and they can usually be patched and painted over if needed.

What is the best height to mount a TV?

The best height to hang a TV is typically at eye level when seated, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. However, some prefer slightly higher mounting to prevent neck strain. Ultimately, choose a height that suits your preferences and provides optimal viewing for everyone in the room.

What if there are no available studs on the wall?

When there are no available studs on the wall, we’re well-equipped to handle your television installation with utmost care and provide you with the peace of mind of a secure, safe, and aesthetically pleasing setup. There are many options available to us even with it comes to a lack of studs.

How do you hide the cords on a wall mounted TV?

To hide cords on a wall-mounted TV, several methods can be employed. One option is to utilize cord covers or cable raceways, which are installed along the wall to conceal and organize the cords.

These covers come in various styles and colors to blend with the wall decor seamlessly. Alternatively, adhesive cable management clips or hooks can be used to secure the cords along the back of the TV or along the wall, preventing them from dangling and keeping them neatly organized.

For a more discreet solution, routing the cords behind the wall using an in-wall cable management kit is an option. This involves cutting a hole in the wall behind the TV and running the cords through a cable management sleeve or conduit.

Additionally, a power bridge kit can be installed to conceal the power cord behind the wall, safely routing it to an electrical outlet without exposing it.

Finally, for those seeking to eliminate cords entirely, wireless HDMI or streaming devices offer a convenient solution by connecting to the TV without the need for physical cables.

These methods can effectively hide cords and achieve a clean and organized look with a wall-mounted TV.

Is it possible to eliminate the need for a bulky TV stand?

Yes, it is possible to eliminate the need for a bulky TV stand. TV mounting professionals at Hillside Handyman are skilled and experienced in providing solutions to make this possible. With our expertise, you can enjoy watching TV in bed and free up valuable space by eliminating the requirement for a bulky TV stand.

Can I watch TV in bed?

Absolutely! If you’ve always dreamed of watching TV comfortably in bed, then you’re in luck! At Hillside Handyman, as skilled TV mounting professionals we are equipped with the necessary expertise to make this a reality for you. By securely and expertly mounting your TV on the wall, we can eliminate the need for a bulky TV stand and create a space-saving solution. So, rest assured that with our assistance, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies from the cozy comfort of your own bed.

Can I turn my den into a home theater?

Converting your den into a home theater can be an exciting project, and at Hillside Handyman, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of TV mounting professionals have extensive skills and experience to turn your vision into a reality.

Firstly, our experts will help determine the ideal location to mount your television on the wall. By carefully considering factors such as viewing angles, room layout, and seating arrangement, we ensure that your TV is positioned perfectly for an immersive home theater experience.

In addition to mounting your TV, our installation pros can assist with creating the ideal viewing environment. We can help with installing surround sound systems, ensuring optimal audio quality and a truly immersive cinematic experience. We’ll also take into account factors like soundproofing and acoustics to enhance the overall atmosphere of your home theater.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in watching TV in bed, we can offer solutions to mount your television securely and conveniently in your bedroom. Our professionals will work with you to determine the best mounting options that suit your bedroom layout and personal preferences.

At Hillside Handyman Handyman, we understand the importance of maximizing space in your den. By eliminating the need for a bulky TV stand, we can help create a streamlined and clutter-free environment. We’ll carefully assess your den’s layout and provide innovative solutions that help free up space while maintaining a sleek and modern look.

No matter your home theater goals, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. With our expertise and attention to detail, we’ll work closely with you to transform your den into the home theater of your dreams. Trust our TV mounting professionals to provide the highest level of service and bring your vision to life.

Is wall mounting a TV a good idea?

Yes, wall mounting a TV can be a good idea for several reasons. It helps save space by eliminating the need for a TV stand or cabinet, creating a cleaner and more streamlined look in the room.

Wall mounting also provides better viewing angles, allowing you to adjust the TV’s position for optimal comfort and visibility. Additionally, it can help protect the TV from accidental bumps or falls, especially in households with children or pets.

Overall, wall mounting a TV can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room while improving functionality and safety.

What are the disadvantages of a wall mounted TV?

Wall mounting a TV offers benefits such as space-saving and improved viewing angles, but it also has drawbacks.

Installation costs, limited flexibility in placement, potential damage to walls, cable management challenges, and accessibility issues for maintenance or repairs are some disadvantages to consider.

Additionally, wall-mounted TVs may have limited viewing angles depending on the mounting location and room layout. It’s essential to weigh these factors against the advantages to determine if wall mounting is the right choice for your needs.

Where should I not mount a TV?

When deciding where to mount a TV, it’s crucial to avoid certain locations for safety and optimal viewing.

Avoid mounting a TV above heat sources like fireplaces, in direct sunlight, on unstable surfaces, in wet or humid areas, and in high-traffic zones to prevent damage and ensure safety.

By carefully selecting the mounting location, you can enhance both the longevity of your TV and the viewing experience for everyone in the room.


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