Garage Storage Rack Installation

We Install Ceiling And Wall Mounted Garage Storage Racks

We install ceiling mounted storage racks in Boise. We are experienced with safely mounting large storage rack systems onto high ceilings, which is not a recommended DIY project due to the use of ladders and overhead work. These can be complicated to install and require precise measurements, numerous calculations and considerable forethought before beginning the installation–not to mention upper body strength and stamina.  The garage ceiling area can be very, very hot and it’s not fun to make mistakes and prolong that misery!


If you have a space that needs organization, it’s a great option that doesn’t take up that floor space or parking area. Our installation professional will work with you to make certain the unit is mounted properly within your garage so it can be accessed easily and is free from obstructions like your garage door pathway or entry door swing areas. 


Imagine a garage storage system customized just for you; it’s the freedom to use your space as you see fit without having to permanently alter the architecture. We specialize in installing ceiling mounted storage racks on top of your existing garage ceiling beams, so there is no need for demolition or demolition clean up. You can start getting organized today!


Need a ceiling storage solution for your shed, shop or warehouse? We’ve got you covered. These  ceiling-mounted storage racks are perfect for storing your tools or camping equipment in areas other than the garage, such as an attic or basement. Since these units attach to the structural framing of the house, as long as that framing is accessible the racks can mount to them.


Most of the storage systems being sold are rugged enough to resemble industrial shelving.  They can hold several hundred pounds and are able to hold most household items excluding dumbbell sets or stuff like that. If you’re just trying to put away holiday decorations or outdoor equipment, they’re perfect.


We install double-mounted ceiling mounted storage racks, too. The best time to install a second identical unit side-by-side is the same day using the same technician, if possible. This ensures both units are put up according to a unified plan and not added on as some afterthought using dissimilar mounting techniques or calculations. Also, if your project is to remove or relocate ceiling storage racks, we can help with the drywall repairs that will likely be needed.


There are many different size options, we can find the right fit for your space and needs. Most kits come with 4ft x 4ft panels at a minimum, but the 4ft x 8ft kit seems to be the most popular size for garages in the Boise area.  The garage ceiling height in many new homes in this area allow for low hanging storage racks that still allow SUVs and Trucks to park under them.  This is a great space saver when the garage is being used by vehicles and isn’t very deep.


Ceiling mounted systems utilize all the space that’s available and increase the total open floor space, which makes it much easier to keep floors swept clean and ready for projects or unexpected tasks. There are even aftermarket products for hanging bicycles, kayaks or whatever from the bottom of the units, which means you can save all of that space on top for all the things you only use once or twice a year.


We really do make garage organization easy with these simple elevated platforms. Whether you are looking for a solution to clutter or just want to add some extra space, we get the job done safely and efficiently, despite all those challenging conditions presented by high mounting locations and hot garages.


Mounting storage racks from the ceiling provides a better solution than wall mounted shelving or shelves that take up floor space. Since they allow easy access to all the stored items, it keeps the area neat, clean and organized–giving your garage that finished look. We’ve installed all types of ceiling storage racks all over Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Garden City, so let us install your kit or help you pick one out.

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