Flat Screen TV Wall Mounting

We Can Mount Any TV To Any Surface

Whether your project requires mounting a small, lightweight flat screen TV onto drywall or mounting a large, heavy flat screen TV onto an uneven natural stone fireplace wall, we can get it safely installed and setup so you can spend your time worrying about which movie to watch instead of whether you hit the stud or not. All our up-front pricing is listed below.

Up-Front Pricing For Flat Screen TV Wall Mounting

Prices are for mounting your flat screen TV using your supplied mount at a mounting location up to 72 inches high on the wall to the mount’s top bolt holes and onto common drywall.  Surcharges may apply, see below.

$199 – flat screen up to 50 inches mounted

$249 – flat screen up to 70 inches mounted

$299 – flat screen up to 90 inches mounted


For screens over 90 inches, please inquire further.

To calculate a screen’s size, measure diagonally across the viewing area.

Surcharges For Flat Screen TV Wall Mounting

To accommodate most installation conditions, surcharges apply when mounting on higher locations, on material other than drywall/stud, needing entertainment center setup, relocating an installed flat screen TV, pulling non-energized wires through a wall to hide cables, or having to make a material trip for forgotten items like mounts, HDMI or optical audio cables:


+$49 – travel fee (to fetch those forgotten client-supplied items)

+$49 – entertainment center setup for up to 4 devices

+$49 – uninstall any size wall mounted flats screen TV for relocation

+$99 – setup requires pulling cable(s) through wall or raceway to hide wires

+$99 – mount is than 72″ (6 feet) to the mount’s top bolt holes.

+$99 – mounting location is smooth, even masonry (brick, tile, concrete, etc)

+$199 – mounting location is uneven masonry (natural stone walls, etc)

+$199 – install same-stud-bay A/V cable raceway behind drywall to hide wires


005A residential tv mounting

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