Furniture Assembly

We Can Assemble Any Furniture Item

We assemble any furniture piece or item in your home. We are experienced, knowledgeable and efficient at assembling furniture the right way the first time giving you peace of mind knowing that your newly assembled furniture will last for many years to come!


Don’t strain yourself trying to build a bed or assembling your TV stand – let us do it for you! Have a dresser, table or desk that needs to be assembled? We will do it for you and we should be your first choice if you need furniture assembled in your home or office. We love getting our clients set up in their new homes the first day they’ve moved in. When the schedules can agree, it’s very fulfilling to have a handyman set up your beds and not sleep a single night in discomfort!


As a well reviewed furniture assembly business in Boise, we are asked to assemble many everyday items like bedroom furniture sets and bed frames, bunk beds, bookcases, dressers and nightstands, work benches, exercise equipment, pergolas, gazebos, toys, playground equipment and more. All you have to do is give us a call and we will assemble your product ready for use at your home.  We offer free in-home quotes and are even able to give quotes over the phone if you can text us a link to your item you need assembled.


Are you tired of having to assemble furniture yourself? Take a look at our affordable assembly service. We assemble virtually any item from beds to desks, we do it all! We’re eager to help with your furniture woes, and look forward to helping you get comfortable fast. Putting together furniture that was made and packaged a continent away can be frustrating. Sometimes, the manufacturer’s instructions are complicated and not easy to follow. Hardware can be missing, and quality control can miss damaged pieces so the item will need alteration. We can help with those unpleasant surprises that show up when assembling packaged and shipped items.


No matter where you live in the Treasure Valley, we’ll be there to help you assemble your items in no time at all. Do you have some piece of furniture or decor that’s been sitting in the box for ages? We can get it out of the box and finally put together! We can hang or mount any item to your walls like artwork and mirrors. We also do entertainment center setup, install ceiling mounted storage racks and mount flatscreen TVs. People trust us because we are truly committed to your satisfaction from start to finish. We come to your home and assemble any item and we can mount them into the wall to fully complete the installation and make everything safe and secure.


We provide meticulous and skilled furniture assembly services. Our experienced professionals expertly assemble all types of furniture, ensuring its long-lasting durability. Whether at your home or office, we can disassemble and reassemble any item, making moving hassle-free. Additionally, we offer a 12-month workmanship warranty, granting you peace of mind knowing your item was assembled to perfection.

Gallery of Past Furniture Assembly Projects