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Boise Drywall Repair, Patching & Installation

We do drywall repair in Boise and are well reviewed for our drywall patching and texture matching. We also do drywall installation for larger projects such as finishing a garage or basement. We love to help our clients with repairing water damage because we know how stressful those circumstances can be and we take pleasure in restoring your peace of mind.


We repair small dings and large holes, patch foundation settlement cracks that appear in the corners of doors and windows, and close off old pet doors or holes left from window AC units installed through exterior walls. We try to provide the restoration and repair services we would trust to refer to our older family members or anyone who isn’t familiar with construction or remodeling. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your home will be repaired by someone with integrity and honesty.


Need new drywall for your garage, basement or attic? We do custom drywall installation and finishing work to make sure you get a professional final product. We can finish out whole basements, garages or attic spaces to add usable square footage to your home. We can consult on your job no matter the size and will be able to deliver a free quote soon after booking an appointment for us to come by and take measurements and identify the scope of work.


Are your ceilings water damaged? Professional drywall repair with drywall tape and the proper mud product is the ultimate solution for property owners with walls that need to be rebuilt or restored. We repair damaged areas and can match surrounding textures in preparation for touchup painting. Even if the damage is still wet, we can start the process of drying the area before adding insulation and framing for the new sheetrock.


Hillside Handyman will repair and fix any hole, crack or crevice in your wall. We understand the importance of walls to the property and strive to complete every job with precision and professionalism so they stay structurally sound, as well as seamless and pleasing to the eye. Those textures serve a great purpose in breaking up what the eye would otherwise perceive as imperfections in the wall’s flatness.  


Your handyman will tear out the damaged area  and replace it with brand new material that will be stronger than before. We even replace all the texture to make your walls look like they’re new again. Our experience ensures that your drywall will be restored properly and according to industry standards. We can match your orange peel texture, knockdown texture, skip trowel textures, brocade textures and more!


After taping and filling any hole or gap, we sand the area smooth and texture over the patched area before priming and painting. We can complete smaller jobs inside a single day, but some jobs might require us to return in the near future to complete the painting and finishing touches. In the end, you’ll never know we were there.


We can help with getting rid of those ugly popcorn ceilings—and all the problems they can cause. We tape off and protect the entire area, remove the popcorn, repair the drywall underneath, or replace it with new wallboard–then we touch up the adjacent drywall and paint everything in a color that looks great.


Why do we even need to install drywall? Finished interiors used to use lathe and plaster on walls. A lattice structure of thin timbers would be nailed to studs and the layer of plaster would be applied to coat the whole wall. This is a practice derived from a more primitive process called wattle and daub. All these methods exist for the same basic reason, which is dividing interior walls and ceilings.


Our reputation has been the cornerstone of our success. We love our work, and are dedicated to providing you with courteous, professional services. We’ll treat your property as if it were our own home. We do the hard work for you and will make those problem projects disappear.  


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