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Drywall Repair, Patching & Installation

Hillside Handyman specializes in Boise drywall repair and we are well reviewed for our drywall patching and texture matching. We also do drywall installation for larger projects such as finishing a garage or basement.

We love to help our clients with repairing water damage because we know how stressful those circumstances can be and we take pleasure in restoring your peace of mind!

Our experience ensures that your drywall will be restored properly and according to industry standards. We can match your orange peel texture, knockdown texture, skip trowel textures, brocade textures and more!


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We Perform Custom Remodel And Drywall Work

Need new drywall for your garage, basement or attic? We do custom drywall installation and finishing work to make sure you get a professional final product.

We can finish out whole basements, garages or attic spaces to add usable square footage to your home. We can consult on your job no matter the size and will be able to deliver a free quote soon after booking an appointment for us to come by and take measurements and identify the scope of work.

We Perform Custom Remodel And Drywall Work

Need new drywall for your garage, basement or attic? We do custom drywall installation and finishing work to make sure you get a professional final product.

We can finish out whole basements, garages or attic spaces to add usable square footage to your home. We can consult on your job no matter the size and will be able to deliver a free quote soon after booking an appointment for us to come by and take measurements and identify the scope of work.

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Professional Water Damaged Drywall Repair

Are your ceilings water damaged? Professional Boise drywall repair with drywall tape and the proper mud product is the ultimate solution for property owners with walls that need to be rebuilt or restored.

We repair damaged areas and can match surrounding textures in preparation for touchup painting. Even if the damage is still wet, we can start the process of drying the area before adding insulation and framing for the new sheetrock.


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No Job Too Large Or Small, Pin Holes To New Walls

Hillside Handyman will repair and fix any hole, crack or crevice in your wall.

We understand the importance of walls to the property and strive to complete every job with precision and professionalism so they stay structurally sound, as well as seamless and pleasing to the eye. Those textures serve a great purpose in breaking up what the eye would otherwise perceive as imperfections in the wall’s flatness. 

Your handyman will tear out the damaged area  and replace it with brand new material that will be stronger than before. We even replace all the texture to make your walls look like they’re new again.

If you’re the DIY type, be sure to check out That Kilted Guy on YouTube for some great drywall repair advice.


We Know The Process Of Drywall Repair & Installation

After taping and filling any hole or gap, we sand the area smooth and texture over the patched area before priming and painting.

We can complete smaller jobs inside a single day, but some jobs might require us to return in the near future to complete the painting and finishing touches. In the end, you’ll never know we were there.

We can help with getting rid of those ugly popcorn ceilings—and all the problems they can cause. We tape off and protect the entire area, remove the popcorn, repair the drywall underneath, or replace it with new wallboard–then we touch up the adjacent drywall and paint everything in a color that looks great.


bosie drywall repair and commercial drywall repair services

Experience Peace Of Mind That Comes With A Professional Drywall Installer

Why do we even need to install drywall? Finished interiors used to use lathe and plaster on walls. A lattice structure of thin timbers would be nailed to studs and the layer of plaster would be applied to coat the whole wall.

This is a practice derived from a more primitive process called wattle and daub. All these methods exist for the same basic reason, which is dividing interior walls and ceilings.

Our commitment to excellence is the foundation of our achievements. We take immense pride in our profession and remain devoted to delivering courteous and top-notch services.

With the utmost care, we treat your property as though it were our very own. Entrusting us with your projects ensures their swift resolution, enabling you to relish your property without delay. Reach out to us today; we’re just a phone call away!

Drywall Repair and Installation FAQs

How messy is drywall repair?

Drywall repair can be somewhat messy due to dust and debris generated during sanding and joint compound application. However, by using drop cloths, sealing off the repair area, and working carefully, you can minimize the mess.

Prompt cleanup of dust and debris also helps prevent it from spreading. Overall, while some messiness is inevitable, taking precautions can significantly reduce the cleanup effort and ensure a smoother repair process.

How do I repair drywall holes?

Repairing small drywall holes is a straightforward process.

Begin by clearing any loose debris around the hole and cleaning the area.

Next, cut a piece of drywall or use a pre-made patch slightly larger than the hole, and adhere it with joint compound.

Apply mesh drywall tape over the patch for reinforcement, then cover it with a thin layer of joint compound.

Once dry, sand the area smooth and feather the edges.

Finally, prime and paint the patched area to match the surrounding wall, completing the repair seamlessly.

What happens if you don't replace damaged drywall?

If damaged drywall is not replaced, it can lead to several potential issues. Cracks, holes, or water damage in drywall can compromise the structural integrity of walls and ceilings, making them more susceptible to further damage over time.

Additionally, damaged drywall can provide an entry point for pests, such as insects or rodents, into the home. Mold and mildew may also develop in areas where moisture has penetrated the drywall, posing health risks to occupants and further deteriorating the surrounding materials.

Furthermore, damaged drywall can detract from the aesthetic appeal of the space, reducing the overall value and marketability of the property. Therefore, it’s important to address damaged drywall promptly to prevent these issues from worsening and ensure the integrity and safety of the home.

What should I do to prepare before you arrive for drywall repair?

Before Hillside Handyman arrives to repair drywall, it’s helpful to prepare a few things to ensure a smooth and efficient process:

1. Clear the area: Remove any furniture, decorations, or obstacles near the damaged drywall to provide us with easy access to the repair site.

2. Protect floors and furniture: Lay down drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect floors and furniture from dust and debris generated during the repair process.

3. Provide access: Ensure that the repair technician has clear access to the area needing repair. If the damaged drywall is in a closet or behind furniture, move any obstacles out of the way.

4. Communicate specifics: If there are any specific instructions or preferences you have regarding the repair, communicate them to us beforehand. This could include paint color preferences or any other special requests.

5. Clear communication: Be prepared to communicate any relevant information to us, such as the cause of the damage or any previous repair attempts. Clear communication can help ensure that the technician understands the scope of the job and can provide the best possible service.

By preparing these things before Hillside Handyman arrives, you can help ensure that the drywall repair process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Is it better to repair or replace damaged drywall?

Whether it’s better to repair or replace drywall depends on the extent of the damage. For minor issues like small holes, cracks, or minor water damage, repairing the drywall is usually sufficient and more cost-effective.

However, if the damage is extensive, such as large holes, severe water damage, or structural issues, replacing the drywall may be necessary to ensure a proper and long-lasting repair.

It’s essential to assess the damage carefully and consider factors like the overall condition of the wall, the location of the damage, and your budget before deciding between repair and replacement.

What kinds of finishing textures can you match?

Various textures can be applied to drywall surfaces for different aesthetic effects.

Examples include orange peel, which features small, raised bumps resembling an orange peel; knockdown, where joint compound is partially smoothed for a mottled appearance; skip trowel, creating a handcrafted, swirled texture; popcorn, with small, bumpy protrusions; smooth, for a flat surface; and slap brush, forming raised, irregular peaks.

Each texture offers a distinct visual appeal, enhancing the overall look of drywall surfaces to suit various decor styles.

How can I get a drywall repair estimate for my project?

The time it takes to repair drywall depends on various factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of the affected area, and the drying time of the materials used. Small repairs, such as filling in nail holes or minor cracks, can typically be completed in a few hours.

However, more extensive repairs, such as patching holes or replacing sections of damaged drywall, may take several hours to a full day or more to complete, particularly if multiple coats of joint compound and drying time are needed.

Additionally, factors such as the accessibility of the damaged area and any necessary preparation work can also affect the overall repair time. It’s best to consult with a professional contractor who can assess the specific requirements of your project and provide a more accurate estimate of the time needed for the repairs.

How can I schedule a drywall repair with Hillside Handyman?

To schedule a drywall repair with Hillside Handyman, simply follow these steps:

1. Visit our website or click here to access our scheduling page.
2. Fill out the form by providing details about your job description and your contact info.
3. Once you’ve submitted the form, our team will contact you promptly to confirm your appointment and finalize the details.
4. We are excited to be of service to you and look forward to scheduling your appointment.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require any assistance.

What types of drywall repairs can Hillside Handyman handle?
1. Does Hillside Handyman offer water damage removal and repair services? Yes, we offer water damage removal and repair services to address any water-related issues on drywall surfaces.
2. Can Hillside Handyman handle plaster wall repair? Certainly, we have the expertise to handle plaster wall repair as part of their drywall repair services.
3. Does Hillside Handyman provide new ceiling installation services? Yes, We provide new ceiling installation services in addition to their drywall repair offerings.
4. Can Hillside Handyman handle mud, tape, and sand for drywall repairs? Absolutely, we are experienced in mud, tape, and sand techniques for drywall repairs.
5. Does Hillside Handyman offer drywall skim coating? Yes, we offer drywall skim coating as part of their range of drywall repair services.
6. Can Hillside Handyman handle step or fall-through-ceiling damage? Yes, we can handle step or fall-through-ceiling damage as part of their drywall repair services.
Will Hillside Handyman clean up after my drywall repair project?

Yes, we will clean up after drywall repair projects, which tend to be rather messy. We will leave your area cleaner than we found it and take the mess with us. Drywall repairs can be dusty, so there is always the chance that dust my settle outside the repair area, but it is very easy to clean and we will do our absolute best to limit this.


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