Quality Art, Mirror, & Picture Hanging

We Hang Portraits, Pictures, Art, Decor And Mirrors

We hang and install pictures, mirrors, art and anything else that needs to be on the wall and isn’t!

We’re experienced, skilled installers and will hang and install anything you can think to hang or mount.

We will not only help you hang your existing pieces, but also help you arrange your pieces to fit your space.


Do you need some advice on how to display your art? We can help!

Not only can we give you the best advice on where to hang and install pictures, art, mirrors and more, you can also just tell us where to put it and we’ll do the rest.

Let us know what you need and we’ll give you a free quote and when we’re available to hang your home’s (or business’s) new masterpiece.


Art and Picture Hanging With A Polished & Professional Look

Hillside Handyman is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your interior space. When it comes to displaying art and mirrors, we believe in more than just hanging them up–we have the tools and experience necessary to install them properly for a finished, professional look.

Some decor items and mirrors have a lot of weight to them. This means getting them mounted properly is serious business. Heavy mirrors crashing down in the middle of the night is a good argument to hire professionals.


Years of Art, Picture, & Mirror Hanging Experience – Safely!

We’ve been in the business of art hanging for years and know exactly what it takes to make your space look just right.

We hang and install items of all shapes, sizes and material. We use strong fasteners so everything stays on the wall and is safe.

Larger items are either mounted into studs or using toggle bolts. A single toggle bolt fastener can hold over 100lbs in common drywall. Several of these are likely to be more than enough for the average decor item.

We’re able to install double hung items hung by wire, thus reducing the frequency of coming out of level.


Need something hung high? We can hang stuff way up there!

Don’t worry about hanging and installing your artwork, art prints, mirrors or other home decor from on a ladder. We’ll do that part.

The most dangerous item in your home is the ladder and it’s our job to make sure you never need to get on it as long as we can do the work for you.


We Create *Perfectly Precise* Photo Collage Walls

Do you have a lot of art and photographs or diplomas that need to be rehung? If so, our hanging service is the right choice for you.

We can arrange your items into geometric patterns for diploma displays or stair step displays if in a stairwell.

Many art galleries use the standard height of 59” to 62” from the floor up to the midpoint of the artwork. This is a good height minimum, but higher ceilings will likely dictate higher midpoints up to 70”.


Avoid Irreparable Accidents with Our Insured Services

Hanging pictures can be a tricky job. If you’re not careful, you risk damaging your walls or the art itself.

Our expert picture hanging services are designed to help you hang that perfect painting in your space, ensuring it hangs straight and is secured properly.

We can also repair drywall, which is sometimes needed when hanging or mounting items.


We can also help with taking down your art and mirrors

When it comes time to move or remodel, we can help with taking down your art and mirrors.

When you need to paint a wall, it’s always smart to remove items instead of trying to paint around them.

We can remove mirrors and reinstall them.

We can remove all your artwork and put it back up after you’ve painted or whatever.

If you’re moving, we can make sure your drywall gets repaired after everything has been taken off the walls.


Why should you choose Hillside Handyman for your art, picture, & mirror hanging?

As a well-reviewed and highly rated Boise professional art and mirror hanging service, we’re efficient, dependable and will make sure everything is level and hanging straight.



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